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NYNPA Battles Governor's Public Notice Repeal Proposal

Members are urged to publish editorials supporting our effort

Memorandum of Opposition
Repeal of Newspaper Publication of Proposed Constitutional Amendments
Public Protection and General Government Article VII Bill, Part F

The New York News Publishers Association, which represents the publishers of the New York State’s newspapers, is strongly opposed to the Governor’ proposal to eliminate newspaper public notice of proposed Constitutional amendments. Instead, the Board of Elections would post an abstract and brief description of the proposed amendment somewhere on its website for three days in the week prior to the election. The Secretary of State would also post a notice somewhere on its website once per month for three months.

At a time when there is general agreement that there is a need to increase transparency and accountability in state government, it is astounding that this provision is included in a budget bill. Among the many reasons this is a very bad idea are:

1) By all accounts, broad swathes of New York State lack access to modern internet service. Governor Cuomo has recently unveiled a proposal to begin to narrow this digital divide, and has said it will take major investment over the course of several years. This proposal disenfranchises voters in rural areas, voters who cannot afford a home computer with broadband access and a significant number of voters who are not highly computer literate.

2) This proposal assumes that New York voters sift through state agency websites when looking for news that affects them. They do not. They turn to a local newspaper. Existing law requires that Constitutional amendment notices be disseminated through a newspaper in each county of the state. Most of these newspapers land on voters’ doorsteps. Obscure and little-known state agency websites do not.

3) This proposal will not save money. Time after time, when advocating for legislation that would require government agencies to post information on their websites, we have been told it is too difficult or expensive. To ensure a tamper-proof publication of these most vital legislative initiatives would cost money, perhaps much more than the legislation estimates will be saved by eliminating newspaper public notice of amendments.

4) Newspaper publication keeps everyone honest. Knowing that a government document must be published by an outside entity helps prevent the possibility that such an important notice could be slanted or misstated. A state Supreme Court Judge ruled in 2014 that the state Board of Elections included misleading language in its description of one proposed Constitutional amendment.

5) Newspaper publication provides a historic record. Government websites may not be maintained long term. Newspapers are preserved in libraries and newspaper archives for posterity.

6) The Governor has called for a Constitutional amendment to strip public pensions from legislators convicted of crimes, and yet this bill supports making the proposed language available only on obscure websites few voters will ever see.
The proposed legislation says it will save $342,000. Total daily newspaper circulation in New York is approximately five million, and therefore the state might save a grand total of six pennies per reader by eliminating public notice. There are more than 10 million registered voters in New York State, so the proposal saves about three pennies per voter. This doesn’t seem like very cost-effective government to us.

Click here to download a PDF copy of this memorandum.

Zinser reveals Circulation Management Contracting Checklist in latest "Zinsergram"

February 17, 2015

By L. Michael Zinser, The Zinser Firm, P.C.

In my last column, I focused on the contracting process. This month, I want to follow up on that subject by sharing a document called the "Circulation Management Contracting Checklist."

The Circulation Management Contracting Checklist can greatly help prove independent contractor status when executed by the Circulation Manager and contractor at the time of contracting. After reviewing this form, I think readers will agree it demonstrates that both parties entered into a contract with the intention of creating an independent contractor relationship.

Download the full column here (PDF).

IMPORTANT: Read Michael Zinser's "Contracting Practices to Avoid"

January 19, 2015

By L. Michael Zinser, The Zinser Firm, P.C.

This column will review some practices that I have discovered at various newspapers while conducting independent contractor audits or preparing for litigation. These are practices that I recommend you avoid.

Download the full column here (PDF).

NYNPA awards banquet date changed to July 22, 2015

December 18, 2014

Mark your calendars - NYNPA’s Awards for Excellence banquet has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

Originally scheduled for September 16, the banquet date has been changed in order to recognize winners of the 2013-14 awards competition in a more-timely fashion.

The banquet will take place at The State Room’s new location at 100 State Street in downtown Albany.

NYNPA will send out the contest’s official “Call for Entries” booklet in early March. The deadline for entries is still set for April 17, 2015.

For more information on NYNPA’s Awards for Excellence competition please visit the Awards section of this website or contact Don Ferlazzo at (518) 449-1667 ext. 700 or


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