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FREE News in Education Materials

These resources are copyright free and available to download and use with attribution for educational purposes. Click on the appropriate link to jump directly to a curriculum materials by subject further down this page.

Civics and Social Studies - Reading, Writing and News Media Literacy - Science and Math - Multidisciplinary - Other

Civics & Social Studies Content

All Together Now

All Together Now - an activity guide that looks at the role the newspaper can play in developing children's literacy skills in a multicultural society. (37 pages - 12 lessons that reflect the national standards in many different content areas. Modifications for English Language Learners. Can be adapted to fit multiple grade levels. NAA Foundation, 2005)

Citizens Together

Challenges and Choices – a Newspaper In Education Guide for NIE Week created for by collaboration of the Newspaper Association of America, International Reading Association and the National Council for the Social Studies. (36 pages)

Citizens Together

Citizens Together - A five-day lesson plan, revised and refreshed according to Common Core State Standards, integrates newspapers into study of the Bill of Rights. This curriculum guide for middle- and high-school students can be used for Constitution Day on Sept. 17, or at other times when teachers focus on the nation’s founding documents and their significance today. NAA Foundation, 2013. (63 pages) Plus, a five-part series of camera-ready features based on this content (3 column x 9.5") click here to download.



Community Connections with Geography and the Newspaper - This curriculum is divided into two levels. Lessons in both levels can be used independently or together. Level One blends mapping skills with a discussion of various communities to which everyone belongs as individuals. As students learn to make and interpret maps, the curriculum addresses local, regional, state and national identity, as well as government and community. This section is written with elementary students in mind, but the clarity of language will be helpful for anyone working to grasp these basic elements. (56 pages) Level Two is designed for students with a basic knowledge of maps and a sense of the levels of government and geographic division. It expands that understanding while discussing how communities create and maintain their identities, and while emphasizing how geography affects local economies, lifestyles and community identity. It is written with middle school and older children in mind, but younger students who can grasp the more complex concepts are likely to understand the language. NAA Foundation, 2011.(59 pages)

First Things First - A newspaper activity guide that teaches the freedoms of the First Amendment.  This guide features one elementary activity, one middle-school activity and one high-school activity for each “freedom.” (56 pages, NAA Foundation, Updated from the 2001 version with the Common Core State Standards and uniform lesson plan structure.)

Flushing Remonstrance

Flushing Remonstrance - this single-page feature was created to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the Flushing Remonstrance. The remonstrance was a petition delivered to Peter Stuyvesant by the people of Flushing, New Netherlands protesting treatment of the Quakers. It is argued by some that the Flushing Remonstrance was the forerunner of the First Amendment to U.S. Constitution. (NYNPA NIE Program, 2007)

Game On

Game On - The materials to create two board games, "The Bill of Rights Game" and "Freedom Wheel." Each invites students to use the local newspaper to get in the game of civics and acquire a better understanding of the basic rights of each American citizen as granted by the U.S. Constitution. (Good for elementary through high school - created by Anne Coburn-Griffis of The Lima (Ohio) News and Laura Coburn, Education Consultant)


Project Citizen NY - a 5-part series based on the program and text by the same name. We the People: Project Citizen is offers students a better understanding of how our government works, especially the development of public policy. This PDF file is specific to NYS and includes a promotional ad.  The following link is a generic version of this Project Citizen series for use in all other states.  Project Citizen Generic - To localize these materials with the appropriate state contact information go to the Center for Civic Education's website at http://www.civiced.org/programs/project-citizen.   (NYNPA NIE Program, 2007)


Social Media, The Classroom and the First Amendment - A guide for middle school and high school teachers published by the First Amendment Center and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. This guide is designed to give teachers the tools and ideas they need to engage students using social media and existing curricula. (114 pages)

Speaking of a Free Press

Speaking of a Free Press - A collection of quotations that reflect the beliefs of prominent people in our history who have championed freedom of the press - as well as some who have opposed it. (Originally published in 1987, edited and updated by NAA Foundation, 2005)


Target Date U.S.A. - Scavenger Hunts: A Newspaper In Education Activity Guide - Scavenger hunts have long been a popular NIE activity. This publication presents 50 scavenger hunts - one for each state in the Union. (52 pages - NAA Foundation, 2006)


We the People in the News - All activities listed in this guide are based on lessons from "We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution" - high school edition: Center for Civic Education, 5146 Douglas Fir Road, Calabasas, CA 91302-1467; Phone: 800-350-4223. All of these activities can be conducted without the program provided by the Center for Civic Education but it is strongly recommended that you contact the Center to obtain the book on which these lessons are based. It is further encouraged that you provide information about the program to your local school system. If your local school is participating in either We The People or Project Citizen, these activities will be of significant usefulness in developing an NIE program to help your local schools. (49 pages - 40 lessons that can be modified for use in intermediate grades. NAA Foundation, 2002)


We The People Unit 1 and Unit 2 - An excellent resource for teachers covering The Constitution. These units provide in-depth information on the individual units in the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution - middle school edition. Each offers newspaper activities to help educate students how this historic document is very much alive and still relevant today.

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Reading, Writing & News Media Literacy


Creating a Classroom Newspaper - a teachers' guide designed for five days of instruction that allows your class to practice, prepare and create its own newspaper. The lessons include: Planning the Newspaper, Writing News Stories, Writing Feature Stories, Writing Opinions and Creating Ads. (35 pages - lessons modifications for elementary, middle and high school. NAA Foundation)

Writers to Readers

From Writers to Readers - an activity guide that is designed to be used in either a writers' program or a traditional writing curriculum. (38 pages - including mini lessons with writer's organizers for 10 writing topics. NAA Foundation, 2003)


Give Them the Keys - This guide is organized by units, so teachers can pick and choose what works in conjunction with their curriculum and students. Each unit includes several lessons that can be taught consecutively in two, three, four or five days, or used independently. Each lesson is specifically designed to include instructional objectives, applicable standards, a list of materials, an anticipatory set, instructional procedures, a formative assessment for each lesson within a unit and resources associated with that particular lesson, if applicable. Adaptations and accommodations for ELL students and those with special learning needs are provided, as well as summative assessment tools.(126 pages, modified, adapted and reprinted from a 2002 edition of "Give Them the Keys", NAA Foundation, 2011)


A Good Read: Literacy Strategies With Newspapers - This guide is designed to help teachers integrate research-based literacy strategies into existing curriculum using the newspaper. (55 pages, aligned to the Common Core Standards and includes graphic organizers, intended for middle and high school students. Modified, adapted and reprinted from a 2001 edition of "A Good Read: Promoting Adolescent Literacy Through Newspapers", NAA Foundation, 2011)

HighFive High Five - The NAA Foundation, with support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, developed High Five in an effort to address concerns about student achievement. High Five provides an integrated, three-unit curriculum that includes reading, writing, journalism, grammar, linguistics and visual literacy. All materials are age-appropriate for middle-school students. The curriculum uses the daily newspaper as a textbook and information source. Each unit, aligned to Common Core State Standards, is designed to be used as a stand-alone piece. However, the power of the curriculum lies in interrelated concepts presented in the individual units.



Learning Together: Newspaper Activities for Children in the Primary Grades. Learning Together is a cooperative program of the Newspaper Association of America Foundation (now American Press Institute) and local newspapers. This guide is an update of a guide originally created by the American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation, The International Reading Association (now International Literacy Association), the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Congress of Parents and Teachers.

There are separate PDF downloads for each of the following components:


Keep It Real - Students of all ages like learning about the real world, and real-world reading requires the ability to read and understand informational text. The newspaper is the ultimate informational text. This guide was developed by Dr. Sherrye Garrett and has 10 ready-to-use lessons for middle and high school students and a separate version for use at the elementary level. (50 pages - NAA Foundation 2006)


Mastering the Message: Performance Assessment Activities for Understanding Media - designed to help students gain control of media messages by analyzing them and then creating messages of their own. (58 pages - first 49, teachers' guide, last 8 - Family Activity Guide - Good for intermediate through high school - NAA Foundation, 1996)


N The News - a set of eight curriculum units that encompass lesson plans, subject content, activities and assessment tools, designed to utilize the daily newspaper as a teaching tool in the journalism classroom. (59 pages - NAA Foundation, 2005)


Newspaper Fun for Children and Parents - several series of features that guide home use of the newspaper from pre-school to teen years originally developed to celebrate National Literacy Day.

Literacy Ads 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 and 2007

*Note these are also Multidisciplinary

Newspapers Now

Newspapers Now - This guide provides a variety of lessons and activities to help students develop their comprehension and research skills.  The materials are for both middle and high school students and special activities are included for elementary students.  There are a total of 15 lesson plans with student activity sheets. (53 pages) NAA Foundation, 2009  Plus, 5 in-paper ads/flyers (2 column x 10 inches) 


Newspaper Jargon - This glossary of newspaper terms will help increase the understanding of the terms and acronyms that may be unique to the newspaper industry. This informatuon was compiled with contributions from the Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY and from CCI Press. (14 pages - Hundreds of definitions - NYNPA NIE Program, 2006)


Now I Get It! - This guide provides a variety of lessons and activities to help students develop their comprehension skills.  The materials are for both middle and high school students and special activities are included for elementary students.  There are a total of 12 lesson plans with student activity sheets. (67 pages - includes current comprehension skills research and national standards for reading comprehension.  NAA Foundation, 2007. Plus, 5 in-paper ads (2 column x 10 inches) for use with families at home.


Press Ahead! - a teaching tool and a planning guide for creating a student newspaper. As a teaching tool, it provides background on the different sections and elements of a newspaper. It includes an instructional guide that requires students to go beyond a quick overview of newspaper components by analyzing the structure, language and connections of different parts of the newspaper. (73 pages. NAA Foundation, 2006)


Reading First NIE! - a teaching supplement for Reading First, No Child Left Behind Act 2001. Covers activities for children Pre-K through Grade 5 in these five areas: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Text Comprehension (38 pages - NAA Foundation, 2002)


"The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963"
This guide is designed as a tool to accompany the reading of the book "The Watsons Go to Birmingham" by award-winning author Christopher Paul Curtis. (12 pages - NYNPA NIE Program, 2014) 

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Science and Math

Germ Patrol

Germ Patrol - Free NIE materials to teach children the importance of hand washing to prevent illness.  Offered by Kid Scoop in several different formats, 2009

Going Green

Going Green: Newspapers as a Source for Greener Teaching is a curriculum guide with 12 lessons designed to be starting points for implementation of instruction to expand students' knowledge of the use and abuse of the natural resources in the state of New York and elsewhere, and of efforts to meet the need for resource conservation and stewardship. These lessons employ the daily newspaper's current and archival wealth as a source of information, investigation and source material for instruction. Each lesson is aligned to both the NYS Learning Standards and the new Common Core State Standards. Copyright NYNPA 2012


By the Numbers: Mathematical Connections in Newspapers for Middle Grade Students - a teaching guide that uses the everyday activities of cooking, travel, working, shopping and moving from place to place to teach math skills. (49 pages - including many student worksheets NAA Foundation, 2006)

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NIE:A 21st Century Learning Tool

Critical Thinking Through Core Curriculum - a teaching guide focused on critical thinking skills using the topics of financial literacy, nutrition, the environment, character education and information technology. The guide is divided into three levels (Grades 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12) and includes reproducable student worksheets. (47 pages - NAA Foundation, 2010)


Just Think - a newspaper activity guide that focuses on the development of higher-level thinking skills in children. (34 pages - the activities in this guide focus on the top three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation. NAA Foundation, 2004)

Mega Skills

Megaskills - an 11-part series based on building children's achievement for the information age incorporating the following topics: Confidence, Motivation, Effort, Responsibility, Initiative, Perseverance, Caring, Teamwork, Common Sense, Problem Solving and Focus. (NAA Foundation, 2000)


Newspapers Maintain the Brain - a teachers' guide to enhance basic skills. (42 pages - Activities at the elementary, middle and secondary levels, and activity handouts for younger students. NAA Foundation)


Newspapers: Touching the Kaleidoscope of Your Mind - a teachers' guide with activities organized by the seven intelligences of the Multiple Intelligence Theory which are: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. (54 pages - created for use in primary grades - secondary grade activities included from page 49-54. NAA Foundation, 1997)

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Newspaper In Education: A Guide for Weekly and Community Newspapers - This 49 page document was developed by the NAA Foundation to help weekly and community newspapers develop NIE programs. The beginning of the guide is a how-to for newspaper professionals to start up or re-establish an active program. Pages 9-33 are loaded with short NIE activities listed by subject and grade level. The final pages are a listing of NIE resources. (Updated 2005)

Our Vocabulary University® GRADE LEVEL interactive word puzzles began in May 1997.

Our educational content features include grade level interactive word puzzles that help expand ones vocabulary (starting with High Elementary - 2nd grade with prefixes - through College Prep). We have also created other Rooty*Hoot*Hoot® brand puzzles using Latin & Greek roots, RootRoutes® , Word Webs™, synonyms and antonyms (SynOps™), word pairs (WordWaves™) and Root-by-Root™.

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