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Baseball Across New York State

This series was created in partnership with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. 

The features were written by Hall of Fame staff members and the graphic organizers were created by Mary Miller, Education Services Director at the New York Newspapers Foundation's News Media Literacy/Newspaper In Education Program.

New York News Publishers Association member newspapers are welcome to download and print these features and/or to incorporate these materials into their NIE program free of charge. If you would rather create your own layout please contact Mary Miller for text files and original images.

All other users are informed that these materials are available for nonprofit educational research/teaching/scholarship purposes only. Anyone is welcome to share these materials by adding a link to your own website(s), although full framing is not allowed. Permission for printing multiple copies must be obtained from NYNPA. Copyright is held by the New York News Publishers Association.

For a complete set of corresponding student graphic organizers in Word click here, as a PDF click here.

Each student graphic organizer offers teachers/students several vocabulary terms and short answer questions based on the content of the feature.  In some cases, references to websites are included with additional materials about the person or their pursuits.  Lastly, each lesson includes one or two activities per feature called “Newspaper Tie-ins.”  These activities are suggestions on how to bridge the articles to classroom lessons. These materials are intended for grades 4-8.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com or call (518) 449-1667.

To find out more about the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum vist their website.


If you have any questions about this project or for more information about Newspaper In Education programs contact Mary Miller via email or call 518-449-1667.


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