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Get the latest NIE news about the newspaper industry, educational trends, fund-raising ideas, free educational resources and upcoming events. It's free to subscribe to the News Media Literacy/NIE-News, an electronic newsletter emailed directly to you each month.

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To submit an article or idea, contact Education Services Director, Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com.

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Monthly Specials
Grandma Moses

NYS Ag Literacy Week Resources

This 7-part Mini Series includes:

  • An Introduction of NYS Agriculture
  • Three Farming Profiles
  • A Fun Agriculture Crossword Puzzle and Word Search
  • And a Kid-Friendly Recipe featuring Strawberries!

These resources were created in partnership with New York Agriculture in the Classroom and were designed for use by teachers with students to help increase the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of New York State agriculture.

It is available to use as a teaching tool for anyone, NYNPA member publications can re-print/publish for free, all others please contact Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com for copyright permission.

Monthly Special Features

4 columns x 10" features highlighting different special events each month - new for March 2024 - The 125th Anniversary of Aspirin.

Plus these previous year's features (updated) for current use:

  • Establishment of the Peace Corps 3/1
  • Read Across America Day - 3/2
  • National Anthem Day - 3/3
  • Sunshine Week – Freedom of Information – 3/10-3/16/2024
  • Girl Scouts of America Founded - 3/12/1912
  • Pi Day - 3/14
  • Spring/Vernal Equinox – 3/19/2024
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire - 3/25/1911

Women's History Month

This year's profiles highlight the following individuals, listed in chronological order by birth year:

  • Grandma Moses (1860-1961) American folk artist, painter
  • Nellie Bly (1864-1922) – worked in NYC - an investigative journalist
  • Bessie Buchanan (1902-1980) – an entertainer who became the first African-American woman to hold a seat in the New York State Legislature
  • Margaret M. "Wiggie" Wigiser (1924-2019) - All-American Girls Baseball League player

To get copies of these features contact Mary at mmiller@nynpa.com

Understanding News Media
A 10-part series of features and graphic organizers developed in partnership with Stony Brook University's Center for Media Literacy.

Read, Write, Speak, Listen, View and Learn
A guide with 10 mini-lessons that invites teachers or parents to work with different newspaper sections and adapt activities to students’ needs and interests.

More: About this Guide, fillable-form PDF version

News Media Literacy Presentations
Learn how to identify accurate sources, verify news content, and gain a deeper understanding of how news professionals gather and disseminate credible information, using print or electronic media and what it means to be a good digital citizen.
For more info or to schedule an event, contact us.

A 6-part series of features and cooresponding graphic organizers available to NYNPA members free. This link brings you the audio podcasts for each feature. Any NYNPA member newspaper wishing to run the series should contact Mary Miller to obtain PDF copies.

Contact Us
For more information about our Newspaper In Education Program and youth outreach, contact Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com
or call 518-449-1667 ext 701

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