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Summer Reading

This feature was largely provided by Office of Cultural Education in the New York State Education Department. Free to download and use for educational purposes or for reprint by members of the NYNPA. All other contact Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com for costs associated with re-print permission. Copyright 2020 NYNPA NIE/News Media Literacy - All rights reserved


NYS Libraries Summer Reading

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NIE Serial Story: Where is the Lost Colony?

Written by Sandy Semans, editor, Outer Banks Sentinel

This six-chapter serial story has been made available to NYNPA member newspapers through a grant from New York Newspapers Foundation and may run in printed newspapers, on newspapers’ websites. This inspiring story about the early British colonists, their leaders and supporters will educate readers more about the nation’s history. Readers will feel John White’s anguish at having “lost” his family and learn what his original map shows about a recently-discovered fort planned for the area. The story highlights the anniversary of America’s longest-running outdoor drama, "The Lost Colony."

Although this outdoor drama takes place in North Carolina, consider making the connection to local dramas or historical
re-enactments that occur throughout the state of New York during the summer and into the fall.


‘La Virginea Pars’, a map of the east coast of North America (c. 1585-87) produced by the Elizabethan artist and gentleman, John White
(P&D 1906,0509.1.3, c. British Museum,) © Trustees of the British Museum














Stories, linked below, prove the timeliness of the story and the intense interest generated by Brent Lane’s part in uncovering a fort, hidden under parchment on the map created by John White, grandfather of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in the New World.

Each link to the right brings up a downloadable PDF file and audio podcast (MP3 file) of each of the six chapters.



To download the complete series (text or PDF format), a supplemental article, Fast Facts and links to related information, use the links below:

6 chapters in text format

PDF of the whole series

Challenges to Living by the Sea - supplemental article to Where is The Lost Colony? - MP3 files (5m:47s)

Fast Facts - Historical Background Information

Links to related information:

North Carolina, British researchers find clue to location of Lost Colony - The Charlotte Observer - 5/1/2012

Map’s Hidden Marks Illuminate and Deepen Mystery of Lost Colony - New York Times - 5/3/2012

Hidden Images Revealed on Elizabethan Map of America - First Colony Foundation - 5/3/2012

Q&A with Lost Colony researcher - The Daily Tarheel - 5/15/2012

Hidden map markings offer new clues to a 400-year-old mystery - UNC, University Gazette - 5/16/2012

We Finally Have Clues to How America's Lost Colony Vanished - National Geographic - 8/7/2015

The Roanoke Island Colony: Lost, and Found? - New York Times - 8/10/2015

Back to Square One With Lost Colony? - The Coastal Review - 5/19/2016

Archaeologists find pieces of a small medicine jar that are linked to the lost colony - The Virginian-Pilot- 6/19/2016


A note of thanks goes out to Sandy Semans, Editor, Outer Banks Sentinel and Sandra Cook, N.C. Press Foundation, for the hard work, time and energy necessary to make these materials a reality.

Any person or organization not a member of the NYNPA should contact the North Carolina Press Foundation at ncpressfoundation.org to obtain a separate copyright agreement.

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